Workshops for Teachers


Strategies for Success in the Montessori Children’s House

Full Day Seminar

As each new school year approaches, many teachers struggle to determine exactly what they should be doing to ensure a successful Montessori experience for their students. This workshop is designed to help teachers understand the specific “mechanics of operation” that lay the foundation for normalization in the casa classroom.

The actions a directress should undertake during the critical, early weeks in September will be examined in detail. Strategies that support the maintenance of normalization throughout the school year will also be outlined and discussed. If you have ever wondered if your class is unfolding as it should, this workshop is for you. 

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Classroom Management and Discipline in the Montessori Children’s House

Half Day Seminar

Our goal as Montessori educators is to help our students help themselves. This is no small feat when dealing with a large number of students, a three-year cycle of learning and an independent, child-directed learning environment. This workshop will examine the many, remarkable factors that create the delicate balance between structure and freedom in effective Montessori programs. The prepared environment, support for independence, grace and courtesy, the role of the directress and assistant teacher and the importance of observation and restraint will be examined and discussed. Participants will leave this workshop with a renewed appreciation for the manner in which we achieve the learning environment that sets us apart from all others.

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Partnering With Parents

Half Day Seminar

As trained directresses, we know that our students will be transformed when they participate in the Montessori casa program. The same cannot be said about the parents of our students. Unless teachers and administrators commit to providing compassionate support and effective, on-going education for the adult community, the concerns and anxieties of parents may linger and prove hard to dispel. This workshop provides a thorough examination of the steps that should be taken to engage parents and validate their tremendous leap of faith. Effective management of the delicate issues that sometime arise between parents and teachers will be discussed with an eye to appreciating the immense benefits that result when a strong link between home and school is established. 

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The Inspirational Foundation of Practical Life

Half Day Seminar

No other part of the Montessori curriculum contributes to the development of the child as much as the tasks of daily living. However, these activities are often viewed as less significant by parents and even by Montessori teachers themselves. The many faculties of intelligence – concentration, coordination, muscular memory, logical deduction, independence, sequencing of thought and the development of will – are all spontaneously united and strengthened when a child undertakes practical work.

This "hands-on" workshop will inspire teachers to take a critical look at the form and function of the practical life activities they have created for their students. The important factors that contribute to the appeal and effectiveness of practical life exercises will be outlined and discussed. Participants will handle real examples of daily living tasks and explore the qualities that elevate practical life from ordinary to inspirational.  


Elevating our Practice to Enhance the Child’s Journey

Full Day Seminar

Understanding and appreciating the value of Dr. Montessori’s principles of education is one thing, but the execution of her pedagogy in a manner that supports optimal child development is quite another. This workshop will challenge participants to reflect on their own practice in light of what Dr. Montessori really said. Practical suggestions regarding the prepared environment, lessons and the guide’s manner in response to the remarkable, but fragile tendencies of young children will be outlined. Specific strategies that relate to each area of the casa curriculum and that support the young child’s quest for independence will also be reviewed. Participants will be encouraged to offer insights and comments with regard to their own experience. 

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Consultation Services for Teachers 

Personal, in-class consultation services are available. 


Workshops for Parents


In the Here and Present Moment

Behavior Management in Early Childhood from a Montessori Perspective

Half Day Seminar

This workshop is designed as an aid for Montessori parents who are struggling with their child’s early development and behavior. Strategies that focus on the importance of being truly present for the child will be outlined, and parents will gain a deep appreciation for the significance of the absorbent mind, sensitive periods and the needs and tendencies of children during the formative first plane of development. A question and answer period will be offered at the end of this presentation. 

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A Leap of Faith to Understanding

The Parent's Transformative Journey

Half Day Seminar

Given the care with which the casa classroom is prepared and the degree of attention and guidance that is offered to new casa students during the first few weeks of school, it is not surprising the most children begin to thrive very quickly in their new Montessori surroundings. However, the anxiety felt by many parents at the beginning of the school year can linger and prove harder to dispel. The commitment to educate and communicate effectively with parents during the entire school year needs to be a priority. When parent education accompanies that of the child’s, the opportunity for a transformative Montessori experience for both the child and the parent is optimized. This workshop will explore common parental concerns and how they can be alleviated through effective parental education.