Since 2013, Montessori Casaworks has been helping teachers around the world refine their classroom skills to promote the development of happy, normalized learning environments.



Mary Flewelling-Pinchen

Founder of Montessori Casaworks

A.M.I. Casa Directress, consultant and author of “At Home in the Montessori Children’s House”, Mary has been teaching in casa classrooms since 1980. She earned her A.M.I. Primary Diploma at the Toronto Montessori Institute under the direction of Renilde Montessori, Audrey Sillick and Judy Buckman. Mary acted as the Programme Director for the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers between 2006–2013. She presents workshops and consults with casa teachers and parents on a regular basis. Mary created Montessori Casaworks to support directresses, parents and the Montessori community at large in their transformative work with children and families.



What is the greatest sign of success for a teacher?
It is to be able to say that the children are now working as if I did not exist.

– Maria Montessori